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Hardwood Wrench™

Hardwood Wrench™

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Deck installers and contractors know our original Hardwood Wrench™ is the beefiest, most stout deck board bending tool on the market! The Hardwood Wrench™ board straightener is easy to operate with a single deck installer with many benefits over other methods of straightening deck boards.

Say goodbye to back breaking chisels and pry bars! All it takes is a simple swing of this board bender tool's handle, and it will make even an extremely bowed board straight as an arrow.

Patent Numbers: US 8,936,054; D623,913; EP 2,387,648; DE202010001036.5; UK 2,469,964; AU 2010210940; CA 2,749,643. Other U.S. and International patents pending. For more information visit
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