The Hardwood Wrench™ and Hardwood Wrench Jr.™ tools can be used on most decking materials such as hardwoods, thermally modified wood, pressure treated, and composites. No matter the decking material, they all have a tendency to include warped and bowed boards.

Our board straightening tools take the place of an extra man. We can say this because typically when a bowed deck board was encountered during a deck installation, an extra man was needed to hold the bowed deck board straight against the previously installed deck board with a chisel or pry bar. These tools both lock in place for true hands free board fastening by just one installer.

No. Each wrench requires no additional tools to operate it. The quick release nuts and knurled knobs make reversing the handle position and adjusting the joist pin spacing simple and easy.

The Hardwood Wrench™ is bigger and beefier constructed from high quality anodized aircraft grade aluminum for the cam and dog-leg, stainless steel joist pins, and an Ashe hardwood handle.

Our lighter Hardwood Wrench Jr.™ board straightener's cam is molded high-strength nylon, the dog-leg is also made of aircraft grade aluminum, a hardened steel handle, and stainless steel joist pins.

If you are in need of replacement knurled joist pins for either tool, please give us a call at 1-866-427-2547.