"I had a nightmare deck project and was working alone with a pile of bowed wood. My neighbor saw my frustration and handed me his Hardwood Wrench. Amazed that such a tool actually existed I managed to get back on track and completed the job in half the time. The only bad part about the tool was when I had to give it back!"
Steve Whitehead
Groton, Connecticut
"I’ve been building custom docks for 17 years and worked with all types of wood. Even the best wood sometimes needs a little help straightening up; so I got a Hardwood Wrench™. Its heavy duty and easy to work with; so I got one for each of my crews. I only wish I had one 17 years ago!"
Trip Stevens
Norton Shores, Michigan
"I have two words Strong & Simple! This tool makes my projects painless! I’m just a one man operation so the Hardwood Wrench serves as my crew."
Pete Meadows
Rugby, North Dakota
"We originally purchased the Hardwood Wrench for our decking business and didn’t realize that we could use it on other projects. My crew and I were installing a tongue & groove floor and the material was a bit bowed. So by luck I had my wrench in the truck and put it to work. It not only saved the day; but also made me realize what a good investment I made. Thanks DeckWise!"
Jim Chandler
Rupert, Idaho
"The 'Hardwood Wrench' is a must for any deck builder! We have used it on Standard decking and Hardwood with great success. This tool puts the others to shame when it comes to strength and ease of use. I have purchased numerous inferior tools in the past that just wear down but the Hardwood Wrench is with me for the long haul. Keep up the good work!"
Vincent Monteforteb
W.Kingston, Rhode Island